Wold Class Equipment

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We help you see better.

Fastest Spectral Domain OCT (Optical Coherence tomography) in the world for a thorough evaluation of the front to the back of the eye
  • B scan ultrasound to evaluate the back portion of the eyes when visualisation is limited
  • Complete Retinal Imaging system (Adult, Paediatric and Portable Fundus cameras) with facility for fluorescein angiography
  • Non invasive angiography by laser: OCT angio
  • State of the art most advanced combined cataract and vitrectomy machine in the world : Constellation by Alcon, USA
  • The most efficient operating microscope: Lumera i by Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • Advanced Intraocular lens power calculation with German precision : IOL master by Carl Zeiss, Germany
  • Complete set of green retinal double frequency Yttrium Aluminium Garnet lasers from Iridex, USA
  • Glaucoma Cyclo G6 laser from Iridex, USA: the first of its kind to be commissioned in Tamilnadu
  • Most advanced autorefractometers for computerised vision testing from USA and Japan