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Mrs. Roshan Sidhara

My Daughter Hania was a Pre-mature child diagnosed with ROP while she was in Incubator. She had complication which affected her vision very badly. We consulted many renowned doctors in Chennai, yet she was able to recover partially only.

Later my Mother suggested Dr.Vasumathi & Dr.Praveen Krishna. We meet them when she was 1.5 Years after that we never turned back. She is 6 years old now and she reads well, identifies well.

Dr. Vasumathi & Dr.Praveen Krishna, gave us a clear picture of what is the actual issue and how to overcome it. They also helped us understand how to support during her developmental phase.

We humbly thank the doctors & team. We are very much comfortable with Radhatri Nethralaya.

T.R. Mukundan

I knew Dr.Vasumathi from early 2000s when she participated in the eye checking camp organized by Apporva ladies club where my wife Mrs. Radha Mukundan was a part then.

She was a very good friend of my Wife and when I felt some difficulties in Vision, the first name came to my mind was Dr.Vasumathi.

I still remember the day when I went for my checkup. The staff was very friendly and patiently took me each test and explained me what they are doing. When all tests were done, I met Dr.Vasumathi and she confirmed I need to undergo a surgery in both of my eyes and as I was diabetic I need to undergo a pre- procedure before the actual surgery.

She explained me about the procedures as well the cost for the surgery patiently. I understood them clearly as they were very transparent. As my son had insurance for me, we discussed the details with the concern person and provided the insurance information. After that it was like walk in the park.

They contacted the insurance company and made it cashless. So, everything got covered except few merge charges.

Every time I visited the hospital for the Surgery / Checkup, staff were very cordial and responsive for all the questions.

I was attended with utmost care. The post-surgery follow up was also excellent even during the pandemic.

My Granddaughter Hania who is 5 years old was pre-mature child due to which she have a vision problem due to ROP. She was treated by Dr. Praveen Krishna. He attended my Granddaughter very patiently as she is a playful child, provided her medication and spectacles. Though she wears a relatively thick spectacles she can see properly now and I am very happy about it. Their treatment boosted her moral and perhaps her future as well.
This Hospital is a great blessing for elders like me. I wish great happiness and success for the whole team. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs great care at affordable Cost.

Ranganathan Tirunellai

I recently had cataract surgery at Radhatri Nethralya. It was pleasant and wonderful experience. The cheerful faceof the doctor and courteous staff gave me the confidence to face the surgery. I was in and out of surgery in no time. Thanks to Dr. Praveen Krishna and his wife Dr. Vasumathy Vedantha
Sarangarajan Srinivasan

I am from Bangalore. Had a short periodical visit to Chennai to stay for a few days. Wished to consult an eye care center near T.Nagar to check up on whether my glasses needed correction. Was recommended by my neighbor to go to Radhathri Nethralaya located in Hindi Prachar Sabha street. Go early at 8.30 morning, there will always be a crowd, said he. Looking at my hesitation on hearing the word crowd in Corona days, he added,-but the doctors are excellent. You will have full satisfaction.

There was a waiting period, of course. First, a qualified opthalmist took ten/fifteen minutes and had a detailed examination and talk. Once the basics of my vision history ready, he directed me to the expert on the first floor, Dr. Vasumathy Vedantham, a super-specialist in vision care, I understood later. On her recommendation, I had to wait again and consult Dr. Praveen Krishna. A down-to-earth human being, patient, and kind-hearted gentleman Dr.Praveen explained to me the position and suggested the need for cataract surgery on both eyes, and left the decision to me, advising that review may be urgently needed after six months.

Rest is a pleasant history of both surgeries done in a phased manner and my leaving the RN with immensely satisfying results and memories of the friendly & helpful behavior of the entire staff of the Nethralaya. For all visits, I had not paid anything but for the initial registration& consultation fee of Rs700- Do not assume that they would have gypped me with the surgery fee. No, sir, this was also very reasonable.

To cut the story short, I will conclude by saying ``this is one of the top class vision care hospitals in Chennai and strongly recommended for reasons now explained to you.

Thanaraj Karun

Excellent service to the poor people, needy, children, elderly , widows, orphans, remote village camps and opthamology services to the entire humanity in and around Southern India .

High level skills, professionalism, latest state of art of medical technology equipments and wonderful team services.

Doctor Ms. Vasumathy Vedhantham, is eminent global expert in opthamology. I have visited their hospital during last year November and got treatment for my eyes.

Very affordable fees for consultation, treatment, medication, surgery with latest advanced techniques.

I, Thanaraj, Singapore strongly recommend patients with eye issues or problems, please go to Radhatri Nethralaya eye hospital at T. Nagar for her excellent consultation and treatment with very less fees, which affordable by poor.

We Pray Almighty God to provide Doctor Vasumathy and team to provide such type of treatment to who needs eye vision
Thanks and best regards,

Thanaraj and family members Singapore
phone 6593809703

Mr Shivaji

Editor Mambalam Times
Online Associate Editor
New Indian Express

It indeed gave me great pleasure to read the latest issue of Nethrajyoti. I read every word of the very informative publication. I am lost for words to praise you for what you are doing. It is fantastic, mind-boggling and simply amazing to see what all you have achieved during a short span of 11 years not to speak of the world-wide recognition and awards you have received. But, in my humble opinion, all these awards are dwarfed by the grateful smiles of parents whose babies' vision you have saved. They will idolize you as one sent by God to save their babies from a dark and frightening future and pray for you.
Raju Thulasiram

My sincerest gratitude to Dr. Vasumathi for stepping in our life and helping my son Theeran Karthikeyan to see this beautiful world. I find it difficult to convey my depth of thanks. How does one thank you for the gift of sight?Can’t find any better, Dr. Vasumathi, AWESOME!!! While I understand the response is that it is your profession , please know that we as a family wake up every day humbled that you came into our life as an angel to help us.Theeran Karthikeyan was 3 months old with retinopathy of detachment when we visited Dr. Vasumathi from Mumbai as we lost all hope in Mumbai.

I can see! It was complicated because there was no treatment for this except operating his both eyes & with success rate being marginal 1 or 2 %. The doctor took her time deciding the best route to take and I appreciated all the research that went into the decision. Thank you from the bottom of the eye chart! My son his12 year old now, his activities are as normal as any kid, he goes to an international school and is good not only in his studies but also he is very passionate about sports especially cycling, cricket and skating , also he participated in all sports event of the school every year and won some awards too.

I want to write more ....may be i might write a book dedicated to Theeran for his self confidence and Dr. Vasumathy for hersincere dedication for a better a world (experienced by me).

Anisha Sarath

My experience and interaction with Dr Vasumathy Vedantham and Radhatri Nethralaya
My wonderful interaction with Dr Vasumathy started when she first did a ROP laser treatment for my then baby grandson SHREY MENON, nearly 6 and half years ago! There aren’t enough words in dictionary to to describe and appreciate Dr Vasumathy Vedantham as a doctor, her capabilities, efficiency and caliber! Every year my grandson has his check up with Dr Vasumathy and it has been an extremely satisfying and pleasant experience both medically and personally!

The hospital too is extremely good with caring,helpful efficient staff..... thanks to Dr Vasumathy! Very good treatment and care! My family and I sincerely wish Dr VASUMATHY VEDANTHAM, and the hospital, all the very best and many, many more great successes and good luck in all their endeavours and every field

In conclusion I like to add that I am very happy and blessed to be associated with such a wonderful and pleasant doctor, like Dr Vasumathy Vedantham

With Best Wishes and Regards,
(Grandmother of SHREY MENON).Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Natarajan Sundaramoorthy

Torch bearers of Vision

It was one of those days of my visit for my regular eye check at Radhatri Netralaya. Dr.Praveen Krishna, after his tests asked me to meet my general physician with a lab test report of my blood sugar as well as Blood pressure. I was wondering what is this all about and could not initially corelate the purpose and reason.
However, like a faithful student i obeyed what was told to me.
Later i figured out that the blood sugar levels were skewed and brought it under control. Now once this was done i understood that the vigilant Doctor Krishna had suspected some retinal issues and hence he immediately asked me to meet and consult Dr.Vasumathy Vedantam, a doctor par excellence in Retinopathy.

Under her wings of watchful eyes the treatment began. Needless to say that under Dr. Vasumathy Vedantam's treatment and guidance my retinal issues started improving and was brought under control

During the period of treatment injections to the retina appeared to be normal process, thanks to Dr. Vasumathy's skilful hands and a vigilant approach.
Further, over a period of time i also underwent Cataract surgery for both the eyes and a Vitrectomy for left eye.

Today if i have a comfortable Vision, devoid of problems, the credit should go to Dr. Vasumathy Vedantam & Dr. Praveen Krishna , the torchbearers of Radhatri Netralaya.

The hospital is very well strengthened by a band of cordial, friendly and committed set of young staff, who are perfectly aligned with Radhatri Netralaya's vision of ``Dedication and Commitment.

What is more? - it is just not another eye hospital.
I also discovered the existence of Gurupriya Vision Research Foundation``, the CSR arm of Radhatri Netralaya.

The Foundation is undertaking abundant philanthropic projects in treating Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP), eye check up camps, subsidised eye operations and thus providing yeomen services to society. I am sure this will go a long way to stop damage and prevent blindness to thousands of people and lead them towards light.

Sreevidhya Paaku Nagarajan

Radhatri Nethralaya - the best eye hospital in chennai. Iam Sreevidhya Nagarajan from Ambattur. I was blessed with twin daughters. One of my daughter Mahathvini got cataract in her right eye when she was 5 years old. Our family eye doctor Mrs.Jayanthi mam of Ashwini eye hospital referred Dr. Praveen Krishna sir and Dr. Vasumathy mam for my daughters treatment since Praveen sir is a paediatric surgeon.

The way Vasumathy mam and Praveen sir treated and tested my daughter for the very first day of our visit made myself and my husband very confidence and comfort.

That too we were impressed of Dr. Praveen sir. His pleasing, smiling and friendly talk with my daughter made her to undergo the surgery within a week in a successful way.

My daughter has never felt Praveen sir as a doctor, instead he is her very good friend. We feel like he is one of our family member. I am happy that my daughter is following all the instructions and advice giving by Sir till now.

Now my daughter is 9 years old. She will be happy to meet her friend Praveen sir and also the other staffs there in every visit.

Coming to Radhatri Nethralaya is like dealing with trusted family.
I must thank your entire staff for the excellent care during every visit with my daughter.
Thank you so much Dr. Praveen Krishna sir. We are always thankful to you throughout our life time. You will always be in our prayers.

I strongly recommend my friends and relatives about Radhatri Nethralya and our Praveen sir for his sincere, polite, friendly and dedicated service towards his patients.
🙏🙏🙏 — with Vasumathy Vedantham.

Seshaderi Raja Goplan

Radhatri Eye treatment is such a wonderful a mother-hearted such a loving one my experience on the hospital is begin from the reception ward attenders along with the operation nurses are maintaining number 1 hospitality beyond of all friendly & pleasing Doctors for a heavenly treatment I love Radhatri Nethralya.
Renu Hemaraj

Excellent doctor my son was addicted with mobile after the treatment and doctor advice he never uses mobile now
Muthaiyandevi Devnarain

I really enjoyed my consultation in your hospital.

The staffs were very kind and the Serene atmosphere with lovely musical background was comforting.

In conclusion, a great experience 💪👌👌🙏.

Thank you.

Murugan Lakshmanan



Austin Jeyakumar Wilson

Their team work...and dedication... well informed staff on duty... tireless approach to a patient's needs..
Vijay Kumar

Good diagnosis and good treatment for eye
Narasimhan Rajagopalan

Very good doctor team. Dr vasumathy and dr praveen are very much take care and advice. For both my eye surgery dr asumathy encouraged and dr praveen briefed me what is going to di and patiently did for both eyes. Review also impressed. Cordial service from staff who taken care insurance claim. Very good hospital with true vision and mission. All the best to the team for their service. All my family members review here only. Narasimhan 3744.

A Poem by one of our Patient for
Dr. Vasumathy Vedantham

Deepti Jayyavarappu

Very good doctors ,plz take time and don't go in any hurry
Samaithu Paarunga Vijaya

Very nice hospital.good
Doctor and staff.
Raja Samuel

Good hospital
Dr. Lingam Gopal

Senior Retina Consultant - Sankara Nethralaya


Dear DR Vasumathy,

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the conference marking the 15th anniversary of Radhatri Nethrlaya.

The program was well organised with excellent scientific content. I learnt a lot from the deliberations.

Hearty congratulations on the excellent work you are doing.

Best Regards,
Dr. Lingam Gopal