Laser Surgery

Precision and Perfection

We help you see better.

At Radhatri Nethralaya we offer all types of laser surgical procedures
Refractive surgery: LASIK, Femto laser procedures to reshape the front portion of the eyes to say goodbye to your glasses

Retinal Lasers

This is carried out either in the sitting posture (slit lamp based delivery) or in the lying posture (Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope based delivery) for an atraumatic non-surgical management of fluid or blood in the retina due to diabetes, ROP, hypertension or other causes.

Glaucoma Laser

At Radhatri Nethralaya we offer the most advanced bladeless treatment for glaucoma (a condition in which the eye pressure increases): The Micropulse Cyclo G6 (the most advanced laser machine for glaucoma) the first of its kind to be commissioned in Tamilnadu.